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Experimental temperature graphite furnace

2016-1-22 10:31:10

Experiment of high temperature graphitizing furnace factory engineers digestingand absorbing foreign advanced temperature measurement, temperature control,intelligent, new materials technology and furnace de...

Continuous high temperature ultra-high temperature graphite furnace

2016-1-22 10:26:53

Continuous production of high-temperature graphite furnace, my company engineering and technical personnel in support of domestic research institutes and tertiary institutions, the development of high-performance intelligent ultra-high temperature apparatus with the leading domestic technology. Equi...

Super High-temperature Graphitization

2016-1-22 10:23:15

●  Uses:    Be widely used in the ultra-high temperature furnace within 3000 degree Celsius for various carbonization and graphitization of carbon material experiments by the pilot production;    Be used for setting the graphitization of Carbon fiber filament and other ava...

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