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High thermal conductivity graphite film

2016-1-22 12:02:18

 At the same time, it can improve the performance of electronic products. The high thermal conductivity graphite film can effectively transfer heat by uniformly distributing heat on a two-dimensional plane and the heat on the surface is transferred and carried away by external cooling medium...

PI film graphite furnace

2016-1-22 11:53:37

Uses: high-temperature thermal conductivity of the material used (PI film) graphitization treatment. Product structural features Temperature uniformity Medium frequency induction heating power supply, high efficiency: The unique furnace design, greatly improving the temperature uniformity. ...

PI film graphitizing furnace

2016-1-22 11:47:41

PI film graphitizing furnace are our engineering and technical personnel to digest and absorb foreign advanced temperature measurement, temperature control technology, intelligent techniques, new materials and furnace design, launch a special carbon materials industry (also can be applied to other i...

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