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Medium frequency induction furnace 65kW

2016-1-22 10:51:53

Equipment usage: 1. Hot-forging and heat combined with: 1.1 hot forging: mainly on the workpiece is heated to a certain temperature, bypunching, forging, or other form of...

Medium frequency induction furnace

2016-1-22 10:45:36

Medium frequency induction furnace used for power supply in 150-150 hz frequency range of induction furnace as intermediate frequency induction electric furnace, the main in 150-150 hz frequency range. China made small frequency mains frequency induction furnaces for 150, 1000 and 2500 hz. Medium...

Medium frequency induction furnace

2016-1-22 10:38:37

Refers to the 150-8000Hz using the current frequency of medium-frequencyinduction furnace power supply range of induction furnaces. Most used frequencyis 150-2500Hz. With the increase&nbs...

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