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High frequency induction melting furnace

2016-1-22 11:08:03

Company independent research and development of high frequency induction melting furnace, is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, outside the Crucible Induction coil, current Induction coil in the Crucible wall Vortex, which Crucible surface directly generates heat. With clas...

Non-ferrous metal smelting furnace

2016-1-22 11:04:55

The intermediate frequency furnace is a kind of three-phase power frequency current into single-phase medium frequency current frequency conversion device, make through electromagnetic induction metal produce eddy current loss, and achieve the goal of hot melt. Used in steel, copper, aluminum, zinc,...

Small vacuum melting furnace

2016-1-22 11:01:35

Product use: Full stainless steel design, used horizontal furnace body, side Department door structure, access material convenient, furnace body structure compact, accounted for to space smaller, used IGBT module power, the furnace widely application Yu tertiary institutions and the re...

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